Use the following links to set up your Direct Debit





Price for 1 minute

4 Lessons / Once a week


 8 Lessons / Twice a week or 2 people once a week


12 Lessons / Mixed


16 Lessons / 2 people twice a week


Direct debits are the only way you can pay for your lessons. It is the easiest and safest way for the club to manage and administer membership.

All payments are based upon a yearly membership and split into 12 payments. The club provides 47 weeks of training throughout the year. There is normally 2 weeks off in late December (Christmas if you celebrate it) and normally 2-3 weeks off for holidays.

For example membership for 1 person training once a week is £300 per year and split into 12 payments of £25 per month.

Memebrship at Quest is not contractual and you can leave at any time.

Remember a Direct Debit is fully in your control. You can cancel it at any time, just let the club know out of courtesy please.

If you change banks and the bank offers a switching service for your direct debits, you will still need to set up another. Banks will not switch it for some reason.